Eugh. Time goes way too quickly when you're busy. Last time I had time to think it was this time last week, and poof like that, a whole... [read more]
I really like what Crude are doing as a company, their graphic focused brilliance has been something I've been unable to ignore... [read more]
It's always nice for Setup of the Week to remind me of companies who aren't 100% in the spotlight of current fingerboarding, but... [read more]
This week has been a crazy busy week, I've barely had time to pay attention to the fingerboard world and I feel very sad about it... [read more]
Sometimes, no matter how much you love doing something, when you have to do it all the time it seems like an obligation and gets... [read more]
Due to unforeseen and completely annoying internet failures, this is a day or so late and I can but apologise for that and my general... [read more]
Sometimes a Setup of the Week is chosen by a very small margin, there will be a lot of awesome decks out there and it's really hard... [read more]
Unfortunately being on holiday at the moment has left me with even less time than normal to post updates here, so sorry for that... [read more]
I saw a rather amusing post on FBHQ this morning, mentioning slyly the current trend in fingerboarding. I'm not talking about people... [read more]
A question I often ask myself is this: What makes a great setup? I think the answer isn't a simple answer, but really something that... [read more]
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