Flatface G4 Wheels Return
Flatface Wheels are pretty awesome. They've been my wheel of choice for longer than I can remember, and even though the hype seems to be on urethane wheels at the moment it's hard to ignore a classic. Talking of classics, something from a long time ago is making a come back.

Flatface have brought back the G4 shape wheel into BRR editions, with two new colourways available! And much like old Flatface colourways, these aren't just different colours but different materials. Two popular wheel materials from back in the day, the X and the A are back in BRR style.
"the white D material is available in G4 shape too, but it's hard to ignore something like the A"
The G4 wheel offers a larger and more boxed shape than the standard BRR edition wheel, which is based on the G6. If you want the classic material the white D material is available in G4 shape too, but it's hard to ignore something like the A. Not only does it look amazing in light blue, but it's super fun to ride. Oh, and they only cost 35 dollars too, which is beyond a bargain for the quality.

Flatface deserve some serious props for making their line of BRR edition wheels so vast. We recently got to see the swirls, had dual duros before that, and now they've been sized up from the classic size. What ever your wheel needs, Flatface is definitely the place to look.

Go check Flatface here :)
Posted on 13th January 2016 at 10:00 by Kerry.
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