DK S6 Shapes at TNP
TNP have had DK decks in quite a lot, and it's been awesome to have a UK distributor pushing out these fantastic boards. The S5 shape was a fantastic all round deck, but it appears the masterminds behind DK have been cooking something special up for 2016. Now we're in 2016, here's the S6.

Essentially an updated S5 deck, it's got a lot new to look out for. The shape is slightly updated, but keeping it a nice mellow/medium all rounder. What's most interesting is that the decks are 7 ply now, featuring two special non wood plies inside the deck as well as 5 plies of wood, keeping the deck as light and thin as a 5 ply deck with added strength and pop.
"there's loads to check out, all at the same great price of £20"
TNP have the decks available in both graphic and split ply options, with a fantastic array of each to choose from. Personally my favourite is the UFO cat graphic, but there's loads to check out, all at the same great price of £20. Considering what goes into these decks, I think it's a very fair price.

If these aren't your thing, there are also loads of Wolf Decks that recently dropped at TNP. Wolf have some of the most standout graphics I can think of, and definitely deserve to be scooped up for their low price point of only £12. Go grab one of either of these two decks before they're gone!

You can check all of these at TNP here :)
Posted on 10th January 2016 at 08:36 by Kerry.
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