Setup of the Week #255
Yesterday was my bithday! I'm all old now (27 infact) so as such I feel I'm even wiser and thus even more qualified to talk about fingerboarding, aha... Seriously though, I've got some rad stuff to post up today, starting with another weekly gem of a setup winning Setup of the Week.

Flatface G14
BRT Wides
Flatface G4 Wheels
"I love that it's a fantastic setup without really having to try hard"
I love this deck. It's a really clean setup that's simple but does simple so well, and performance wise thanks to the hardware on it would definitely be up there with the best of the rest. The deck also has such a Berlinwood Original Mold vibe, those who remember those decks from way back in the day this would be one of those if it grew to 32mm wide.

Everything about this deck is really solid, I love that it's a fantastic setup without really having to try hard. It definitely wont win any awards for innovation, but sometimes there's no need to reinvent the wheel. This definitely deserves its place here this week.

Setup from Jackson of FBHQ :)
Posted on 2nd August 2015 at 09:02 by Kerry.
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