Cartwheels 2015 Review
Cartwheels had a lot of hype in the time coming up to their initial release last week. We've not really heard much since, but in the time waiting for a new stock to arrive there's one question on many people's minds: how do they ride? Well, read on, as my full review is here.

Shipping literally took 1 day. UK post is good like that, largely due to the fact that unlike many countries we're actually quite small. 10/10

First Impressions I absolutely loved the look of the wheels, they're a really interesting style and started with a lush white colour that rivals some of the cleanest looking wheels out there. The shape looked great too, I couldn't wait to set them up. 10/10

Craftsmanship is a little hard to write about wheels, but I cant see any imperfections and they went on the trucks effortlessly. I don't know how these are made, but what ever is being done is being done right. 10/10
"you feel like you're riding urethane - it's really the best of both worlds"
Performance of these wheels is very very interesting. They feel like someone took the mixture for Oak wheels and Flatface wheels and threw it in a blender, then made wheels from the result. Which is quite hard to describe, they have a smooth feel and roll really nicely, yet the second you try to powerslide or anything like that this grip that was previously unnoticeable appears and you feel like you're riding urethane - it's really the best of both worlds.

They definitely took a day or two to really wear in, but once you get past the initial break in period (really like an hour of constant seshing, no more) they are a smooth and yet somehow totally grippy wheel. The right level of grip too, you don't need wax for things like blunt slides yet at the same time they definitely keep your fingerboarding controlled. In terms of wear, I cant see anything at all wrong with the wheels and rather than discolouring like urethane they just gather dirt. It looks really realistic, actually.

Compared to a wheel like Flatface, they aren't as smooth to roll on (not by much), but the mix of grippy and smooth makes for a really nice ride. 9.5/10

Overall these wheels are fantastic, and every negative point I would have made about them when I picked this set up has been negated as they have now made BRT edition wheels so those of us with professional trucks can enjoy riding them too. Their grippy non grippy feeling might not be for everyone, and some might not enjoy how dirty they get, but if you want a wheel that's a middle ground between indoor and outdoor use, these are where to look.

Go check Cartwheels here :)
Posted on 30th July 2015 at 09:12 by Kerry.
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