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You may have seen my post the other week on unite's 5th birthday announcing a new project. You may have also seen many posts on instagram with me posting little sneak peeks at a new project. Well, that project is here. It's called Ambt (pronounced 'ambient'), and it's the UK's newest deck company.

I've had this idea as something I've wanted to do for a long long time, years really, so sitting here getting to write to you all that it's finally happened is rather surreal to me. I never thought I'd be able to make decks due to not having space to set up a workshop where I live, but it turns out there was an awesome solution that would eventually present itself to me.

As I said, Ambt make decks. They're made with help from FBMold, which is based in Russia. They're a company who make decks and molds for people, entirely to your specifications. Being as I don't want to be completely out of production - I simply don't have space to press and shape the decks - they do that bit for me then send them out. The decks are made on Ambt's mold, which is designed by me and will not be used for anyone else's decks. This isn't cheapy china boards, far from it, in terms of price and quality.
"they'll only cost £11 per deck, which at time of writing is roughly 17 dollars"
After getting the decks, they're turned from unfinished blanks into Ambt decks. To me Ambt is all about graphics, and how they can turn a simple blank deck into something so much more. I've always wanted to convey my love of anime, manga, and comics into fingerboarding, so Ambt graphics will all feature graphics from those things (mostly the first two). Because I want to share these things with people, I'll be doing deck stocks in series, and posting information about the anime or comic the series is based on so people have the opportunity to go check it out and maybe discover something new.

For the technical specs of the decks, they're 33mm wide and 101mm long. Medium kicks with a very low concave, it's the kind of concave you don't notice until you need too, but it's there and it doesn't feel like you're riding a flat deck. It's kind of a throwback to decks like Flatface G12s and Lowpro Tiramisu's from back in the day, I really enjoyed a super low concave and am really enjoying the concave on Ambt decks. The decks are all 5 ply, and feature paper graphics rather than real wear graphics as I feel preserving graphics where possible is a good thing. Finally, they'll only cost £11 per deck, which at time of writing is roughly 17 dollars. Working with FBMold allows me to keep prices low whilst offering a deck that's at a very high quality. Decks also come with a sheet of Weca tape thanks to a collaboration with Weca. Offering a low price also allows collectors to pick up graphics without having to fork out a massive amount, which is something I want to support as well as people riding and enjoying the decks.

The first stock will be going live on the 1st August (my birthday!) at 9am. I have two decks to make to add to the current stock that's listed as coming soon on the Ambt site, but you can read all about it as well as check out more detailed information on the shape of the deck by heading to the Ambt site. Hopefully you guys are as stoked on this as I am!

Ambt is here :)
Posted on 29th July 2015 at 08:17 by Kerry.
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