Setup of the Week #248
Choosing a setup for Setup of the Week is rarely an easy task. I spent the last 10 minute staring back and forth between a couple of setups, because people have posted some really nice stuff this week. Honeycomb Woobs are a close second today, but first place has to go to this absolute beauty.

KL Wood 32mm
BRT Wides
Half Witchcrafts Half BRT Bushings
Flatface BRR Edition Wheels
"It's like a painting of a sunset and a river in a valley - only in burl form"
Seriously, would you look at that? I swear who ever dyed this veneer is a wizard. Blank decks are often overlooked these days because there are soo many nice graphics out there, but when you look at this... It's like a painting of a sunset and a river in a valley - only in burl form. Probably one of the prettiest blanks I've ever seen.

It's rad to see KL Wood decks too, I've not seen one for a long time so I'm glad they still exist in some respect. Plus mixed with all the hardware here it's sure to be an awesome deck to use. The simplicity of the hardware choices compliments the overall simplicity of this, yet they're all fantastic products. In short, a clear winner!

Setup from Hugo V :)
Posted on 14th June 2015 at 11:19 by Kerry.
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