Shit Hessens Glory Block Review
I could really sum this review up in one sentence by simply saying 'I love this ramp'. I'm not going to, as I tend not to shut up (as per this website), but regardless it in a way is as simple as that. This is a ramp that is very hard to not love, because it is a lot more than just a 'ramp'.

Shipping took less than a week, which is pretty damn good even if it's only Germany to UK. For a heavy beast of a ramp, it arrived perfectly protected too. 10/10

First impressions I was blown away by how nice this looks, how many possibilities were offered simply by looking at it. It masterly mashes many ramps together, and is a sight to behold. 10/10

Craftsmanship is phenomenal on this. I assume it must be molded concrete rather than something hand cut out, as everything is far to precise, detailed, and uniform to be anything but machine done. That's not a bad point however, as this is a perfectly made beauty with soo many little details all done to perfection. The concrete is solid too, and definitely doesn't look like it's going to chip any time soon. 10/10
"an obstacle that'll do everything, last a long time, and work in almost any situation"
Performance of this ramp is amazing. The quarter side is my favourite, but both parts of the obstacle are fantastic to use and make for a really unique fingerboarding obstacle. The brilliance of this obstacle as I've said is how it mashes things together, with this you basically get a quarter, an up ledge, and a bank. Whether you use it for grinds, stalls, bank tres or a combination of the above, it's definitely not lacking possibilities. In terms of how it lasts, I cant see any marks on this in all the use I've given it, and the little brick details seem completely unphased by being ridden over.

At a complete stretch, the only possible downside of this ramp is that at the very shortest end of the quarter, it's occasionally hard to ride up, generally if you're in a nollie stance. However I feel that's intentional due to the size, and that it's supposed to be a very 'hardcore' transition at that end. Not really a negative point, but it's the most negative point I could make. 9.75/10

Overall I really cannot fault this. You get soo much for your money, an obstacle that'll do everything, last a long time, and work in almost any situation. Not to mention beautiful craftsmanship and a really solid product, there's nothing not to like. Shipping due to its bulkiness is an issue, but that's something all non wooden obstacles suffer from. Definitely get one of these if you get the chance!

You can pick these up from Fingerboardstore here :)
Posted on 10th June 2015 at 11:41 by Kerry.
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