Oak Wheels RV2 Salmon
Oak Wheels took their classic staple of a few years and gave it an upgrade recently, resulting in the very much loved RV2 wheel. Since then we've seen a few colour appear, but definitely nothing in comparison to the original RV wheels. I'm sure the coming months will change that, but for now, we've got this.

The Salmon colourway dropped today, launching the colour onto the standard RV2 and the Bowl shape wheels. Unlike some of the colours dropped previously these are blank wheels, meaning there's no graphic or logo on them. It saves you a bit of money, and when the colour is this vibrant I really don't think it needs anything else to look amazing.
"Easily joint first position for the best wheels in the fingerboard scene"
The price on these is 28 euros for the RV2s and 29 euros for the Bowl shape, which is very fair given all the development and effort that goes into Oak. Plus they're 100% giving back to the scene, which is not to be overlooked in such times when events are getting harder and harder to run.

It's hard to fault Oak with what they're doing recently, and more colours only solidifies their fantastic lineup of wheels. Easily joint first position for the best wheels in the fingerboard scene, now there are more options and more reasons to pick up a set. Go Salmon!

Go check Oak here :)
Posted on 10th June 2015 at 11:11 by Kerry.
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