Setup of the Week #243
It's been a pretty quiet week in terms of setups I've seen posted around the internet, but I'm pretty sure that even if we'd had a really busy week with tons of setups being posted, this still would have shone through. I mean, just look at it! There's a lot to like.

Flatface G15
BRT Wides
Oak RV2s
FBS Extra Smooth
"a blank like this could easily convince me to never ride graphics again"
I cant put into words how fresh this setup is! Almost everything on it looks new, and the way all of it is coordinated together is absolutely lush. I'm more of a graphic deck person these days, but a blank like this could easily convince me to never ride graphics again.

There's something undeniably beautiful about a brand new setup too, so that adds a lot of appeal to this. It's great to already see the new Oak wheels and new Flatface deck on a setup, especially together - they're definitely two of the nicest options you have when picking up products these days. A clear winner!

Setup from Adam S :)
Posted on 10th May 2015 at 09:29 by Kerry.
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