Redwolf Shorty Deck Review
Today in the UK is the general election, the day we all get to pass judgement and go choose who we think should lead our country. I'll be voting for Labour, but before that I'll be passing judgement on a fingerboard that I received not too long ago and have been trying out a lot - my Redwolf Shorty Shape! How does it stack up on such an important day of all days? Well, read on.

Shipping took around a week, standard international time. It all arrived in perfect condition as always. 10/10

First impressions I absolutely loved the graphic! I got to choose the graphic so knew what I was getting before picking this up, but it looks even nicer in person. Such a fun yet simple idea for a deck, I really like how it's executed here. The shape looked really nice too, so I was very impressed. 10/10

Craftsmanship looks really nice, the deck is pressed perfectly and rounded/shaped to perfection. I kept looking at the deck thinking the nose was shorter than the tail, but turns out it's just a weird optical illusion due to the colours on the graphic. I really cant find a flaw with how this is put together. 10/10
"a very well seated medium between standard shapes and cruisers/short boards"
Performance of this deck is very nice. It's a short shape deck as the name suggests, so obviously it's a lot different to your standard board and will take some getting used to. The whole proportions of the deck are different due to the wheelbase shortening, so you have to completely adapt your finger positions for tricks. It didn't take too long to get stuff down, but obviously with such a change a wearing in period is needed.

The only issue I had is that some tricks I found just wouldn't work for me on this. I've never been the biggest fan of tre flips, weirdly I find them soo much harder than switch ones, but I could not get one down on this. A few other tricks like flip to grinds were a lot harder too, I found the smaller space much harder to catch on. It's not really trying to replace a main though I feel, and for where it excels (fun tricks, flatground, transition, etc) it's absolutely brilliant. 9/10

Overall this isn't a deck to be used all the time, though I'm sure if you really wanted to you could get used to it and it could be. It's great for fun little tricks, cruising around, combos, and getting some amazing bowl lines down - whilst having the ability to do everything if you get used to it. It wont convert me from a normal board, but it's fantastically made and is the nicest short deck I've tried, a very well seated medium between standard shapes and cruisers/short boards. For the money, they are 100% worth it.

Go check Redwolf here :)
Posted on 7th May 2015 at 14:01 by Kerry.
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