Flatface Stock at TNP
The Norwood Project constantly stock some awesome things, and they've had companies like Flatface and Blackriver on board for a long time. Normally when they get stock drops it's just restocks, but this is far from that. Prepare for a whole lot of awesome thanks to everything Flatface recently released.

The Norwood Project now have in stock G15 decks, as well as both of the new colourways of Dual Duro wheels! All the usual wheels are in stock too, but I'm totally hyped on the amazing purple white colourway. Now that it's in stock in my country I'm even more tempted than before...
"G15s look fantastic and should not be missed as one of the best new decks on the block"
I'm a little sad that they haven't got the G15.12 decks that Flatface have available, but I imagine in a future stock some of them will come over, potentially with the Faceshaver G15s Flatface dropped recently too. Whilst the .12 concave is always my favourite, G15s look fantastic and should not be missed as one of the best new decks on the block.

There's all this and more at TNP, so make sure you check them out and pick something up. They've gone from strength to strength in the last half a year and now are really one of the go to places for any fingerboarder wanting to pick up something rad. Definitely give them a look!

Go check TNP here :)
Posted on 7th May 2015 at 13:14 by Kerry.
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