GrindSir Opening Tonight
I'm sure many of you have heard of Teak Tuning. They might not be a massive fingerboard company, but their name certainly made its way around the instagram/forum scene not too long ago, even if I never saw a massive amount of products. Apparently they've been closed for two months, but are reopening today.

To say they're reopening would be a rather gross oversimplification, this is a lot more than a company coming back into stock. They've been working on a ton of new things, and have a new name to distribute all their products under: GrindSir. As far as a new identity into the scene goes, I like it. It's a name and it doesn't end with 'fingerboards' or 'wood', so that's already a good start aha...
"they could well take a place in the hand crafted soft bushing market"
Seriously though, there's some rad stuff here. The usual o-rings style bushings aren't the most fascinating thing in the world, but as well as that lies a product that most definitely has my attention: Marshmallow tuning. Not simply an o-ring, these are hand made bushings straight out of the US, that have different shaped top and bottom bushings. The bottom one being a little more box like, it looks like a marshmallow.

They seem to be optimised for any truck, being that they're sitting on china wides in the picture. If these turn out to be nice, which time will tell, they could well take a place in the hand crafted soft bushing market. $4.50 for a set is a very nice price, I think it sets these up to have a lot of promise. The launch is tonight, so stay tuned (get it? tuning? hur hur hur) to their instagram for more.

Their instagram, with a link to the website in the bio, is @teaktuning :)
Posted on 30th March 2015 at 17:11 by Kerry.
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