Weca Tape Review
I always like to take a long time to review tape because whilst you can get a good idea on how a deck will perform in a few weeks, tape is something that has a lot of its potential based on its longevity. So, almost two months after I got this tape to check out, here's my review of Weca's entry into the fingerboard tape market.

Shipping took a few days, as per anything from Weca. Turns out Swedes know how to post as well as how to make decks. 10/10

First Impressions I was amazed at how much this tape seems almost identical to Ace3, a tape I consider to be the best tape ever made. Weca used to use Ace3 as their tape for their decks, but as Ace shut down and gave their product to The Norwood Project, Weca went with this. Being similar to the best tape ever made is very much a good thing, after all no one 'makes' tape so you can hardly call copy cat! 10/10

Craftsmanship don't be silly, it's tape. N/A
"even if you shred every day it'll last for months"
Performance It's a shame that with tape, it's really hard to describe how nice it is. I'm sure those who've been in the scene for years will recall countless tape startups back in the day claiming their tape 'feels like a mixture of Rip and FBS' or 'feels like worn in FBS straight away'. To describe it as technically as I can, it's a semi open pore tape, with Rip (classic) being open and something like FBS being closed. The open pores give you the ability to move your fingers on the board without them feeling 'stuck', and the closed pores give you grip. The ideal tape is theoretically a tape in the middle of those two.

This tape doesn't need wearing in, and doesn't really get much better than a day or so of use will make it as as I just said, it doesn't need wearing in. It's ridiculously nice, has grip from it being a bit open pored and also a bit of a thicker tape (1.5mm). It's super easy to move your fingers around it, feels soft yet grippy, and super smooth. In short, it's really nice. And it being a bit thicker (which really doesn't hinder it in the slightest) means even if you shred every day it'll last for months. I cant see even the tiniest bit of wear on my sheet, two months in. 10/10

Overall I know some people will probably give me funny looks for giving Weca's latest deck AND grip a high score, but I can find no faults with this tape. In my opinion it's the nicest tape you can buy, and when it's only 4 euros for 3 sheets of 11x4cm. If you could possibly find a negative in the fact that it's not a 1mm tape like some tapes, I feel every single other point about it counters that. As I said, it seems to be the same product as what was Ace3 (or at least I cant tell the difference), so wherever you choose to get it, there's no complaining at this product. Not to be missed!

Go check Weca here :)
Posted on 30th March 2015 at 16:38 by Kerry.
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