Setup of the Week #237
This week is one of those weeks where I see a setup and instantly I'm just like 'yup, that's it.' Looking at it it's pretty clear why as it's ridiculously rad, but I think there are little non obvious points about it that go even further to making it not only a fantastic board, but a definite choice this week.

Weca W2 Polar Replica
BRT Wides
Witchcraft Bushings
Old Winkler Big Daddy'z
"a moment that displays the harmony of fingerboarding and skateboarding"
Firstly, I have a huge love of skateboard replicas in fingerboarding - having the same skate graphic and deck graphic is a moment that displays the harmony of fingerboarding and skateboarding. Plus this being a little bit of a shoutout to Kanye West at the same time as a Polar replica? I'ma let you finish, but this might be the best fingerboard of all time...

Seriously though, it's a really nicely done board, I think little touches like the Winkler Big Daddy'z in old shape (smaller than the current style) make for an even more realistic recreation of the skateboard - they look pretty much exactly like a 56-58mm wheel. In short, far too many reasons why this is rad means it's a winner this week, hands down.

Setup by Axel W of Weca :)
Posted on 29th March 2015 at 16:07 by Kerry.
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