Setup of the Week #235
Whilst this is a deck not technically from a new company, more a rebranding of a company, it's something I haven't seen before and it really caught my eye. Seeing them for sale was rad enough, but how do Besour decks stack up when set up with some rad hardware? Well, this one wins Setup of the Week.

Besour 33mm
BRT Wides
Flatface G5s
Juicy Fuzz
"It's a graphic that doesn't need much else, so the minimal hardware works wonders"
Seriously, how crazy nice is that? It's one of the raddest graphics Besour are offering at the moment, and it really is brought together here fantastically for an awesome setup. It's a graphic that doesn't need much else, so the minimal hardware works wonders to bring it together as a setup.

Plus, looking at the shape and everything this is paired with, it's sure to be a really rad deck. I really liked Zink decks so I'm sure their latest incarnation is just as awesome, from the pictures they certainly look it at least. Here's hoping lots more rad Besour graphic decks appear in the future!

Setup from Praibis of FBHQ :)
Posted on 15th March 2015 at 08:14 by Kerry.
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