Butta Brand Stock 5
Butta have pumped out some crazy nice stuff in recent times, I'm especially liking all of their concrete obstacles involving wood. It really makes for an awesome looking obstacle, and I think that has been the main reason a lot of people have been paying attention to them as of recent.

Pay attention they definitely should, as Stock 5 from Butta Brand has just dropped! There's loads of amazing stuff available, basically everything they've ever had is now up for grabs once again, with some really interesting concrete stuff as well as the super hyped wooden benches.
"I can only imagine how many ridiculously fun combos you could get down on that bench!"
The double bench is arguably the most awesome obstacle, which makes it's for sale debut in this stock. It costs a rather large 40 dollars, but given the size and all the effort that goes into making something this realistic, I think it's more than worth it. I can only imagine how many ridiculously fun combos you could get down on that bench!

If you want to check out these obstacles and pick something up, now is the time as they're selling out fast. Some will obviously go faster than others but all of them could be gone in a few days time, so don't miss this opportunity as stock as with many companies is only available intermittently. It's well worth a look!

Go check Butta here :)
Posted on 08:27 at 08:28 by Kerry.
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