15 Years Blackriver Zine
Blackriver have been around for a long time. 15 years to be precise, as you all likely gathered from the title of this article. I've known of Blackriver since 2008, which was 7 years ago, so it's pretty crazy to think that they've been around for over twice that amount of time.

The point to this? Well, to celebrate the history of the company, a little zine was put together simply named 15 Years Blackriver. It's mainly a visual zine, featuring photos and memories from all the times Blackriver have had over the years, however there is a story inside (in German, unfortunately) providing a little bit more bulk to the zine.
"a piece of history from arguably the greatest driving force fingerboarding has ever had"
The purpose of the zine is really to give a light to the people behind Blackriver, something which for those of you who haven't had a chance to go an event like Fast Fingers and meet the people, is something never really explored. The guys and the team are all amazing people, so it's fantastic to have this little slice for those who would be otherwise outside the loop.

If you want a copy, it's available for the grand price of 2 euros on the BRR webstore now. I don't imagine they'll be available forever, so if you want a piece of history from arguably the greatest driving force fingerboarding has ever had, get in there now. For 2 euros, you really cant say no!

Go check these on Blackriver here. Here's to another 15 years :)
Posted on 18th February 2015 at 11:44 by Kerry.
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