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I've been thinking quite a lot on this deck whilst reviewing it, so it did take a little longer than I hoped to get posted. I think it's always good to take more time to find every little detail out about a deck, so without further delay here's my full review of this deck from Level Up Fingerboards.

Shipping took around a week, standard time to get from the US to UK really. All arrived in perfect condition too, so nothing to complain about. 10/10

First impressions I was totally hyped on the colour of the deck, it's such a nice blue! I did notice straight away that the deck looked a little thick, but not to the point that it would be impossible to set up (which unfortunately in the past I have seen a couple times, aha...) 9/10.

Craftsmanship is very solid, aside the thickness of the deck it's really nicely rounded, dyed, shaped, pressed, and lacquered. I feel the thickness could be their preference, so whilst I'll get into my thoughts on it later it's definitely a really well made deck. 9.5/10
"everything that I didn't like about this board is something you can get used to with a lot of use"
Performance of this deck is very nice, it's a crisp solid board that definitely isn't lacking in pop. The shape is a medium to deep concave which isn't something I'm used to, but it didn't take a huge amount of time for me to get used to it and start getting tricks down nicely on it. I think kicks play a bigger part in a person getting used to a deck than concave, and the kicks are a nice medium that I think everyone will be able to enjoy. The deck can also take quite a beating, I barely noticed any scratches to the lacquer after all my time riding it.

My main dislike then? I think this deck is a bit too heavy. It set up fine despite it being on the thick side, my point is its weight. I found sometimes it wouldn't be as responsive as you wanted it to be because whilst it'd snap up fine, it didn't like keeping air time to allow you catches - which I attribute to the weight. Yes you can get used to it, and yes it doesn't ruin this deck, but I really did notice it to the detriment of my enjoyment. 8.75/10

Overall, it's a really nicely made deck that does a lot right. If the concave is for you I'd recommend picking one up, as I think everything that I didn't like about this board is something you can get used to with a lot of use. I do suggest they make 4 ply decks or use a bit thinner wood, but even as they are right now they're a very solid product.

Go check Level Up here :)
Posted on 18th February 2015 at 11:10 by Kerry.
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