Setup of the Week #231
One thing I love about fingerboarding over skateboarding is that once a deck has had it's day, it can be brought back to life. In skateboarding if you've skated something to much it's time for the bin, but fingerboarding decks can be refinished into a brand new work of art. Like this.

Pure Deck Refinish
BRT Wides
Witchcraft Bushings
No Comply V4s
"the graphic looks really clean for a paper graphic and will likely last quite nicely"
Such a sick looking deck! It's awesome to think that not only was this deck a fantastic deck once made by Pure, but then it's owner put their own thoughts into it, and reimagined it as a Polar replica. They did a pretty sick job too, the graphic looks really clean for a paper graphic and will likely last quite nicely.

Everything else makes this deck pretty interesting too, No Comply V4s and Riptape seem a bit of a throwback to years gone in fingerboarding, but they're fantastic (No Comply Wheels especially) and it's rad to see products like that still alive. It really fits a refinished deck, it's like the setup doesn't want to stop being used. More people should refinish!

This fantastic job was done by Sweetbabies of FBHQ :)
Posted on 15th February 2015 at 09:18 by Kerry.
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