Three Cheers for Six Years
Yes, that title is a Mayday Parade reference. Already starting strong! Here's something that's actually awesome: today is unitefingerboarding 6th birthday. Yup, six years ago I was sat in my little flat in Plymouth and decided to act on an idea I'd had for some time and make a news blog. It all started with here.

Time goes too damn fast. I mean, six years? These days years are flying by, I swear the last time I stopped to think it was Christmas. Life isn't what it used to be six years ago, hell, it's not even what it was three years ago. Back when I was running Fingersized, I had all the time in the world to put into this place and make it the place I wanted it to be.

So, it pains me greatly to write this - and this isn't a decision I've made lightly - but this will be the last ever post at unitefingerboarding. It seems a good stopping point, I just don't have the same life I used to have, and I can no longer make this place the place I want it to be without burning myself out. Rather than let it turn into something I'm not happy with, I'm going to put the pen down.

I want to stress however that I am NOT leaving fingerboarding, ambt will go strong after Crossed Fingers this year, and Crossed Fingers will definitely continue as well. I need to look at the time I have and do what I enjoy with it, as free time definitely gets less as you get older. I'm 28 in a few weeks, which is a little mad to think.
"I can no longer make this place the place I want it to be without burning myself out"
It's not just me that's changed however, fingerboarding seems soo much different now to what it did years ago. I think this is largely due to the change of social interaction on the internet: forums are dead and things like facebook and instagram replaced them, only in doing so they damaged communities. Fingerboarding still exists, but in countries that aren't able to support a physical scene rather than an internet scene, it's definitely seeming smaller. It's a shame.

As you all know, just under a year ago I started making decks myself, and I've really enjoyed it. I feel having to juggle work, ambt, and unite has lead me to not be able to do any of them as well as I'd like, so I want to shift my focus to making decks. Not to try and make money as I already have a decently paid job, I simply enjoy creating decks and want to pursue it. As such I have some very big things planned for the next few months, including an entirely new mold and hopefully some even better quality graphics.

Furthermore, there will be a very limited drop of graphic decks this weekend to celebrate all things unite. I'm throwing back to the first ever unite graphic, for those who remember what that was you'll have an idea of what's to come. Make sure to check the unite instagram for more pics in the coming days.

Unite has been more than a website to me, it's been a massive part of my life, taking me all around the world and making me so many friends - as well as allowing me to run Fingersized for two years. I couldn't even begin to mention everyone who's been a part of this or simply been a friend, but I am forever grateful to all the support big or small over the years. Much more than I can express by writing here - I hope to finally get a free chance to get to an event like Fast Fingers next year and enjoy fingerboarding with the many people I've come to know.
"I could never stop loving fingerboarding, so I'll still be around"
Unite will remain here forever, so this will be a big reference guide to all things fingerboarding and tons of product reviews. The archives have also been updated, you can check the link to them at the bottom of the page. They've had a search bar added to make it easier to find any posts you want to check out.

Once again, a huge huge huge thankyou to everyone who's followed unite over these six years - I hope you'll all continue to follow ambt and Crossed Fingers. I could never stop loving fingerboarding, so I'll still be around, be it on instagram (@kerryunite) or just popping some bigflip bluntslides on my box 1. 10960 posts later, I think there's really only one way I can end this...

Posted on 13th July 2016 at 14:46 by Kerry.
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