Berlinwood Jay Pro Model
Berlinwood graphics have been on point for years, and they've made a huge range of styles from classic brilliance like the Anchor logo decks to all kinds of interesting designs. This latest is another one of their pro models, for one of the most impressive riders of all time: Jay Linehan.

I honestly love this, there are soo many reasons why this works fantastically as a graphic that I'm not sure where to start. Even the name is creative, it's called the Jay Walker. Pun from the get go is a thumbs up from me, and thankfully that's just one of many reasons why this is one of Berlinwood's best graphics.
"perhaps that would have been a little too much satire for one image"
I love all kinds of miniaturisation, and anyone who's seen any of my videos knows that I love making my fingers walk like a person so this being shown here is awesome. It feels a little bit of a missed opportunity that the finger being used isn't the middle finger - although perhaps that would have been a little too much satire for one image.

There are loads of Berlinwood graphics available, and they all offer a choice of widths and concaves for only 35 euros. They might not be as hyped as some other decks these days, but you really can't go wrong with Berlinwood quality. Go grab one!

Go check these on the BRR shop here :)
Posted on 10th July 2016 at 13:20 by Kerry.
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