Flint Logo Series
Flint decks need no introduction, they're some of my favourite decks out there in terms of both graphic design and the overall vibes that go into the boards. As such this latest series is something I really like the look of, but I'm honestly extremely surprised to see it exist.

Flint are in the process of making a logo series, decks available in two colours with contrasting colours for the Flint logo. The decks are really rad and their logo is fantastic, but I think it's really odd that a company very much identifying with art is doing something so simple.
"if I would have guessed the next 10 graphics Flint would do, this wouldn't have been my guess"
I don't mean that in a bad way, I think you can do so much with a simple deck, be it stickers or just putting a combination of hardware together that'll really look rad, so I'm a big fan. Just, if I would have guessed the next 10 graphics Flint would do, this wouldn't have been my guess.

Whether you're a fan of artistic creations or blocky simplicity, Flint decks are on point and I think these will sell really well. There's no date announced yet, but keeping an eye on social media as always is the best place to check for news on when these come out.

Go check Flint on facebook here :)
Posted on 10th July 2016 at 13:05 by Kerry.
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