Flatface Black/Gold Duros
Flatface wheels need no introduction, personally I think they're the best wheels on the scene and they have a ton of different options to suit every taste in wheel. This latest is just another version of an already fantastic wheel, but does come as a new record.

Yup, Flatface have gone classy and dropped a black and gold colourway dual durometer wheel. The dual duros are some of the most interesting wheels out there, mixing hardnesses of materials to make a really unique ride that can be a perfect mix between hard and grippy.
"I can just imagine these popping off a really nice white graphic deck"
This colourway sets a new record for being the hardest feeling wheel in the dual duros, so for those who want a rock solid wheel these are definitely for you - not to mention they look so clean. I can just imagine these popping off a really nice white graphic deck, especially mixed with something like the black base BRTs.

These go for the same price as normal dual duros, which is 49 dollars a set. More than basic wheels, but for the extra work that goes into making these such a nice wheel, it's definitely worth it. I love a softer wheel, but these very much have me tempted.

Go check these on Flatface here :)
Posted on 3rd July 2016 at 08:45 by Kerry.
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