Setup of the Week #303
I've talked about colour matching many many a time here whilst posting Setup of the Week entries, it's something that really makes a setup come together and makes it so much more than just random hardware mashed together. This however, I feel is a level beyond normal.

Simple Deck
BRT Wides
Flatface Swirl Wheels
"due to the nature of how swirls are made, this is pretty impressive"
Seriously? Talk about next level colour matching, this is more camouflage than matching, the wheels pretty much disappear into the deck. Given the deck and the wheels are random swirls due to the nature of how swirls are made, this is pretty impressive. Just look at it!

Simple are mostly known for their graphics so it's rad to see them making some interesting non graphic decks, especially when they're on this level. This kind of setup thinking is what makes decks like this so fantastic, and really goes the level above just hardware put together. Amazing!

Setup from @fingerframes on instagram :)
Posted on 3rd July 2016 at 08:17 by Kerry.
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