BeastPants Stock 9
It's crazy thinking that there have only been 9 main stocks of BeastPants decks since they first entered the scene. It seems such a long time ago, and I guess it goes to show that these are not rushed decks but artistic works of perfection. We've all been waiting a long time, but the latest stock is finally very close.

Yup, the latest BeastPants stock, stock 9, is going down next Saturday the 2nd June. The stock will drop at 9am PST, which is probably the fairest time for everyone around the world as it means that almost all timezones will be awake. If not, well, you should stay up for a BeastPants deck!
"it must be said as with any stock like this: GET IN THERE QUICK"
The stock will bring all the usual split ply decks as well as the new thrashwears, and is set to be the most impressive stock to date. Chris definitely puts a ton of work into these and is never satisfied with sticking to what he knows, so there's always going to be something new and awesome for people to get hyped on.

These will always go super quickly, so even though the stock is going to be large it must be said as with any stock like this: GET IN THERE QUICK. 9am PST is the time you want to be there, refresh keys at the ready, to guarantee getting the deck you want. Expect a ton of teasers all this week on the BeastPants instagram too.

Go check BeastPants on instagram @beast_pants :)
Posted on 26th June 2016 at 10:58 by Kerry.
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