Level Ledges Barricade Mini
I've been a big fan of all Level Ledges products, they've got some really rad looking concrete obstacles and definitely know how to keep upping their game to make what they have even more rad. This is a case of that, as one of their classic obstacles has had a makeover.

Level Ledges have offered the Barricade for some time, and it's a really nice looking obstacle. It was quite a tall obstacle however, and in reaction to this they've now announced the Barricade Mini. The difference is simple but key: the obstacle is now shorter.
"The mini obstacles can be used as a grind ledge as well as transition"
A throwback to Harriers of back in the day, it's really cool to see different heights of obstacles as they pertain to two very different styles of fingerboarding. The mini obstacles can be used as a grind ledge as well as transition, whereas the bigger ones are more like a street version of a spine.

These are unfortunately not available yet, but are listed on their website as coming soon for only 20 dollars. Given how nice this looks and the (in my opinion) perfect sizing on it, it's very hard not to be excited. They'll be first available at the next BeastPants event, and then online afterwards. Get hyped!

Go check Level Ledges here :)
Posted on 26th June 2016 at 10:51 by Kerry.
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