Wysocki Wheels Made to Order
Fingerboarding setups differ mostly from skateboard setups in that people often just grab what they can in skateboarding and (aside deck sizes) get what ever they can shred. Skateboards die really quickly, whereas comparatively fingerboards last for a long time.

This is why we see so many awesome custom products in fingerboarding, and why setups are such a standout thing - people put a lot of effort into making a setup that is exactly how they want it to be. Wheels have always typically been something that you buy premade versions of, but now that's all changing.
"if you want a set of wheels that's exactly how you imagined these are definitely to go for"
Redwolf's Wysocki Wheels are now made to order. I don't think any fingerboard wheels have ever done this, and it's crazy thinking how much must be required to make wheels like this. The wheels are available in three different sizes: 6.3mm, 7.1mm, and 7.8mm, and also have a ton of different colours available.

As with all custom products, these take longer to get to you than picking up a premade product, but if you want a set of wheels that's exactly how you imagined these are definitely to go for. Urethane 60D wheels that work on all trucks, given what goes into these I think the 38 dollar price tag is well worth it. Go grab a set!

Go check these at Redwolf here :)
Posted on 26th June 2016 at 10:37 by Kerry.
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