Bonk Benches Stubb + Big Mouth
Bonk have been coming out with a lot of really interesting products recently, which is definitely something I'm hyped on as their benches are a really unique take on fingerboard obstacles. Not only do they have a street vibe to them, but their handmade vibe is a throwback to all that's awesome about fingerboarding.

They have two new ramps out at the moment, and whilst they're simple compared to the creative things they've come out with over the years, they're really nice. I always think simple obstacles are the best, so it's great to see that you can get one of these styled in something that'll fit any occasion.
"these are super tempting, especially with a price tag of only 20 dollars"
The first up is the Stubb, it's a short manny/grind box that's very much the kind of obstacle you can take with you anywhere and turn any spot into the perfect place for a sesh. I really like short obstacles like the BRR Box 1, so these are super tempting, especially with a price tag of only 20 dollars.

The Big Mouth is essentially a wider version of the Stubb, being 3.5 inches wide rather than 2. You'll pay 10 dollars more for the wider version, but if you're after a more manny friendly version these are definitely worth it. Either way there's a lot to like at Bonk right now for some very nice prices - go get some!

Go check Bonk here :)
Posted on 26th June 2016 at 10:22 by Kerry.
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