Wysocki Milk Chocolate Wheels
I'm a big fan of Wysocki Wheels, they're a really solid product and as such a lot of people are also liking what they've been pushing out since release. If you're hoping they have more up their sleeve than their current line up, then this latest news blurb is just for you.

A new colour of Wysocki Wheels is coming out soon, the Milk Chocolate colourway! As the name suggests, it's a chocolate brown colour, and I can see it looking super sick on so many setups. These look like a standard wheel size, but I imagine we'll see these in small size too as the 5.9mm is getting a lot of love right now.
"if you pick up something on a weekend from Redwolf you'll have a chance to win"
These wheels aren't out now, they'll be coming out soon, but you do have a chance to grab a set. If you purchase anything from Redwolf this weekend, be it a deck or some wheels, you'll be entered into a raffle to win this set of wheels. Seems pretty good, that'd be a very nice extra to say the least!

Awesome as that is, they've also announced that every weekend from now until the end of August, if you pick up something on a weekend from Redwolf you'll have a chance to win additional products. I imagine the prize will change every week, but what ever you get it's just another reason to go support Redwolf.

Go check Redwolf here :)
Posted on 19th June 2016 at 09:11 by Kerry.
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