Bonk Garden Box Raffle
I love how fingerboarding allows for such a vast range of companies to exist, all offering many unique takes on all the different things needed for fingerboarding. Bonk are one of such companies, taking a really personal stance on making ramps and coming up with amazing things.

Their latest is this super limited release of the Garden Box. A very versatile obstacle, it's a box, a seat ledge, and a rail all merged into one. It sounds chaotic in a way, but I think infact it's a perfect obstacle for chilling on a desk and getting some tricks down on.
"all the purchasers are entered into a raffle to win another Bonk prototype"
I especially love all of the details that go into Bonk obstacles, they're so much more than a factory created box - these are all hand made and crafted into unique works of art. As such there are only 6 of these ever made, and going very quickly, so whilst they're there at time of writing I cant guarantee they'll stick around for long.

This ramp does set you back 70 dollars, but the details and quality of a ramp like this are more than worth it. Not to mention if you buy one, all the purchasers are entered into a raffle to win another Bonk prototype ramp for free. Definitely worth snagging one of these!

Go grab one at Bonk here :)
Posted on 19th June 2016 at 08:56 by Kerry.
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