Setup of the Week #301
The main downside of today is that tomorrow is going to be a crappy day, which in turn means today is a crappy day of preparation for it. One upside of me being up super early to sort everything however, is that I have the usual unite Sunday goodness posted earlier than usual.

Flint Deck
BRT Wides
Dislocation + Glaze Bushings
Wysocki Wheels 5.9mm
"It's interesting how they seem to perfectly blend simple and complex"
I don't think Flint decks need anything said about them, their graphics are soo on point and the overall quality is just mindblowing. It's interesting how they seem to perfectly blend simple and complex - this graphic has soo many levels to it yet the setup as a whole at first glimpse is rather simple.

It's only when you look further that you see the little nods, like the white from the wheels and the green from the bushings matching the colours of the graphic. Plus, it's rad to see some love for Wysocki Wheels, they look really nice and the tiny urethane wheels are amazing to use. All in all, too good!

Setup from Joe C of FBHQ :)
Posted on 19th June 2016 at 08:03 by Kerry.
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