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One thing I love about fingerboarding, deck making in particular, is that is breeds so much creativity. Decks aren't just decks, there are soo many different ways you can put things together that they end up personal works of art rather than just a bit of wood to skateboard on.

One such company is Stoop, who make their boards out of recycled school desks. It's a crazy interesting idea, and makes for a crazy nice looking board. Their latest stock might not delve so much into new territory with a graphic that's been done before, but I very much like their take on it.
"They may not have machined perfection, but something about them makes that a good thing"
Stoop's latest stock is the Stoop-reme stock, inspired by Supreme, with a few extras thrown in for good measure. The decks as far as I can tell are all hand painted, which furthers the DIY vibes of these boards. They may not have machined perfection, but something about them makes that a good thing.

These are going crazy fast, and at time of writing on a few are left, so get in there quick if you want one. They look super fun to ride, and whilst they aren't the cheapest decks in the world what you get for 30 dollars seems very much worth it. Support Stoop!

Go check Stoop here :)
Posted on 12th June 2016 at 08:57 by Kerry.
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