96 Fingerboard Event #6
I love seeing fingerboarding pop up all over the world. There have been events in many countries over the years, and one of those that doesn't seem to see much these days is France. As such, something appearing there always has my full attention and makes me want to promote it.

Perhaps it's just having studied the language for 7 years, but I really like France as a country and fingerboarding there has done a lot of awesome in the past. I'm sure you've all heard of Close Up - whilst the last I heard they were just reselling china decks, how they started off and what they did for fingerboarding back in the day demands huge respect. My first board was a Close Up G2!
"plus if that's not enough fingerboard legend Joaquin M will be at the event"
But I digress - the 96 event #6 is the 6th event of it's kind, and will host all the usual goodness you get from a fingerboarding event. There will be some awesome parks, prizes, and a whole lot of fun to be had - plus if that's not enough fingerboard legend Joaquin M will be at the event.

As with all small events, it's definitely a different experience to going to something like Fast Fingers, but at the same time it's a much more personal and fun experience. Shred, make friends, and maybe win something for turning up; fingerboarding needs the support of events like this to grow, so if you can get there at all, do so!

Go check the event on facebook here :)
Posted on 12th June 2016 at 08:33 by Kerry.
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