Setup of the Week #300
To think that every week for the past 300 weeks I've done the same thing is pretty bizarre. I mean, that's very nearly six years, at which point I would have been 21 years old. Now I'm an old man, but an old man who nonetheless still finds an awesome setup every week to get hyped on.

Prete Stamped Series
BRT Wides
Winkler Wheels
FBS Extra Smooth
"I love that this looks simple but is so much more when you look closer"
I really need say nothing about Prete decks, they're some of the most impressive decks out there and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's wanted to pick one up for years. I remember back in the days of FFI seeing lucky people who managed to get their hands on a yellow Prete deck, I was so jealous.

I love this setup, it's very simple in terms of looks, but super clean and really well put together. I love the stamp - I actually saw some stamps in a charity shop last week and said to my girlfriend 'hey, how awesome would it be to make a deck with stamps as a graphic?' - so it's rad to see someone else has had the same idea. Not to mention these are wax sealed decks rather than lacquered decks, I love that this looks simple but is so much more when you look closer. A clear winner!

Setup from Peter R of Prete, go check Prete on instagram @prete_decks :)
Posted on 12th June 2016 at 08:17 by Kerry.
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