Flatface and Woob Tees
I've always had huge props for any company pushing fingerboard clothing, it pushes fingerboard companies to the general public as people see them being worn, and also allow all of us to show our love for the companies making tiny skateboards a reality. As such, any chances to grab new designs always have me hyped.

Both Flatface and Woob have had clothing drops, so at the moment there's a huge amount of fingerboard tees available. These tend not to be around for too long, so if you have any inkling to grab a tee I'd definitely recommend grabbing one of these beauties.
"The icing on the cake with Flatface tees is that they're only 20 dollars"
Flatface have the most options available right now, they dropped the fan loved 'Sam' design in two previously unreleased colourways: white on a black tee and white on a blue tee. The icing on the cake with Flatface tees is that they're only 20 dollars, which for the high quality they're printed on (Gildan Ultras) is an absolute bargain.

If you're after Woob, they've got their iconic block logo in yellow on a black tee. It costs 5 dollars more than a Flatface tee, but comes with front and back printing, which is worth the extra. Both of these are seriously rad tshirts, so go show your love for fingerboarding and grab one!

Go check Flatface here and Woob here :)
Posted on 5th June 2016 at 09:08 by Kerry.
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