Berlinwood x Catita
Berlinwood have had their share of crazy cool collab decks over the years, most recently the Fast Fingers decks were really impressive and I'm sure everyone who managed to cop one of those is totally hyped. It's always rad when they have some more unique things however, and these are just that.

Berlinwood have teamed up with illustrator Catita to make some seriously awesome one of a kind hand painted decks. These are the same great decks you can always expect from Berlinwood, just with a range of rad graphics. They all seem to have a kind of surf/skate/tiki vibe to them, which works really well with the art style used.
"It's nice to know that you're not only supporting Berlinwood but the artist too"
Unfortunately there's no word on exact price of these decks, however given the quality you get from a Berlinwood and the talent that goes into hand painted works of art like this, I'm sure what ever they're going for is worth it. It's nice to know that you're not only supporting Berlinwood but the artist too, as these can only be picked up direct from the artist, and are going fast.

If you're not into these, Timo on instagram has a raffle to win one of the Fast Fingers Berlinwood splits, so if you're after one of those make sure to enter the raffle, all it takes is a comment. The deadline is tomorrow however, so get in there quick. Props to BW for all they're doing right now!

Go check Timo on instagram @timolieben and Catita on instagram @wazzupcatita :)
Posted on 5th June 2016 at 08:29 by Kerry.
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