Setup of the Week #299
I must apologise for the lack of posts all week, I ended up having a surprise week of holiday from work and my girlfriend being off at the same time, so took the most of it and spent a whole lot of time together. Which when you work 50 hours a week, is normally a rarity. But I digress, here's something awesome to come back with.

Stacked Shaped Deck
BRT Wides
Joycult Wheels
"these are a really interesting mix of oldschool and regular boards"
I don't think anyone can deny how damn nice this looks, Stacked decks have gone from awesome to more awesome over recent months and these latest are just dripping with rad. Shaped decks have gone from being a super hyped thing to just an accepted part of skateboarding/fingerboarding, and these are a really interesting mix of oldschool and regular boards.

I really like the colouring here too, the black of the sticker and boardrail are a really nice pop out from the main deck, and the outline colour of the writing is almost the same colour as urethane, which is a nice touch too. All in all, there's a whole lot to like about this setup!

Setup from Catfishbbq :)
Posted on 5th June 2016 at 08:11 by Kerry.
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