Fast Fingers 19 TODAY
Another year goes by and I'm sat at home whilst the World Championships is going down. It's something that bums me out, but work has pretty much enveloped my life these days. It's good when you love your job, but at times like these I wish I could step back, run to Bavaria, and go chill with all the people I've known from all over the world.

Events like Fast Fingers are one of the last solid points in fingerboarding, so I will say I was a little taken back by the lack of information that popped up for the event - it seemed like it was trying to be even smaller than it had been before. For example, there's no live stream, which sucks for those of us too far away.
"to everyone who's helped make Fast Fingers possible - huge props to you"
I get it though, money is tough for everyone, so regardless of specifics it's awesome that this event still goes down - huge props to BRR for doing all they do for the scene with events like this. If you want to give some love back for all the good vibes events like this put on, make sure you go pick up one of these special FF Berlinwood Splits!

I look forward to hearing who has won the competition later in the day, but this is definitely about celebrating fingerboarding more than competing. To all the people who push fingerboarding in what ever way, and especially today to everyone who's helped make Fast Fingers possible - huge props to you. Fingerboarding is awesome, and today proves that.

Stay tuned to the Blackriver instagram @blackriver_official as they'll probably post updates throughout the day :)
Posted on 28th May 2016 at 08:59 by Kerry.
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