Level Ledges Cinder Blocks
Level Ledges might not be the most hyped company out there, but in terms of value high quality concrete they are second to very few, if any at all. They've done a bunch of rad products over the years, some that I've been a huge fan of. This latest works into my favourite of their products, the parking blocks.

Yup, Level Up have entered the DIY game by offering people cinder blocks to make their own obstacles with! Or, you can use them to prop up obstacles they already sell, such as the Baby Blocks and Big Blocks. This gets rid of the only gripe people can have with parking blocks: their low height.
"The Flatface ones look more detailed, but it's nice there's a budget option here as well"
So what are the specifics? Well, a pack of 5 cinder blocks will set you back 5 dollars. Given how hard it must be to craft these, make them uniform, and put holes through them, I think 1 dollar is more than a fair price per block. You likely know that Flatface already offer their own version of these, but those cost 7 dollars for 4 blocks - so you get 1 more block for 2 dollars left. The Flatface ones look more detailed, but it's nice there's a budget option here as well.

My only reason to not be super super stoked here - they haven't listed the size! Surely people who want to craft things need to know this so they know how many to pick up for what ever they want to build? I'm sure it'll be added soon, in which case this will just be a bargain. Get building!

Go check Level Up here :)
Posted on 18th May 2016 at 12:40 by Kerry.
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