Catfishbbq Signature Restock
Catfishbbq have always stood out in fingerboarding as having one of the most ridiculous names. But as with anything, if you can make a concept and roll with it, even a crazy name can become a fantastic brand. So much so that the Catfishbbq riders have their own signature graphic decks series.

A series of decks that has just been restocked right now, 5 minutes before time of writing this. As with many hyped up stocks in fingerboarding these days the decks can go really quickly, but hopefully the variation of graphics and shapes available will keep these up for at least a short amount of time.
"so you're actually paying someone to fingerboard as well as getting a deck"
I really like these graphics, and not just because they look awesome, but because of what they do. 5 dollars from the sale of each deck goes to the respective rider, so you're actually paying someone to fingerboard as well as getting a deck. Whilst fingerboarding will never have pros like in skateboarding, doing this is about as close as one can hope to come - and that deserves props.

Which ever rider you pick, these are some seriously nice decks from an on point company, one that are evidently willing to support their riders as well as make some rad decks. If you're after a new board at the moment, these are more than worth checking out.

Go check these here :)
Posted on 15th May 2016 at 23:05 by Kerry.
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