Setup of the Week #296
It's mad thinking we're almost at 300 of these, 300 weeks is a very long time and thinking back to when I first had the idea to make a setup of the week, I had no idea how long it would be a thing for, let along a stand out part of unitefingerboarding for all this time. Crazy!

Pure New Template Deck
BRT Wides
Dislocation Pivot Cups
Oak RV2s
Theory Tape
"putting in non stock pivot cups for next level colour matching"
Talking of crazy, how crazy clean is this setup? I couldn't resist picking this as the winner this week for a lot of reasons, but the main one being how damn nice Pure decks are. It will always be a shame they never rose to the true hype level they could have got - their decks stand high above soo many others in terms of quality and I loved riding the ones I tried out back in the day.

I really like also how this is so simple at first look, but there are little tweaks that make it not what you'd expect. Even going to the level of putting in non stock pivot cups for next level colour matching - this is a damn impressive setup on every level. Too good to not win!

Setup from BryanH of FBHQ :)
Posted on 15th May 2016 at 22:53 by Kerry.
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