Gnarshings Night Lights
You probably saw my review of Gnarshings the other day, bushings made by Gnarwood Supply Co. They're a pretty solid bushing, and come in a bunch of different colourways, including both plain and swirls. How can they make what they're making any more awesome?

Enter Night Lights, their latest bushing. It's pretty self explanatory what these are, they're a glow in the dark bushing. Glow in the dark has been popping up more and more in fingerboarding over the last few years, with Joycult offering their Glowthane wheels and other companies offering GITD boardrails. Now you can complete the set!
"a super cheap 5 dollar price tag means a lot of people are going to want to snag a set"
The bushings were available in a few different colourways, but unfortunately these sold out crazy quickly and aren't available at the moment. Hopefully that means a restock is coming soon, as a super cheap 5 dollar price tag means a lot of people are going to want to snag a set.

If GITD isn't your thing, there's always the usual colourways to go from. Gnarshings might not reinvent the bushing, but with a price starting at 4 dollars and a ton of colours, I think these are well worth your attention. Stay tuned for news on a restock of these bushings!

Go check Gnar on instagram @gnarwoodsupply.co :)
Posted on 8th May 2016 at 22:51 by Kerry.
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