Flatface Multicoloured Klotz
Klotzblocks are one of many variations on the parking block that have soared to popularity in fingerboarding in recent years, and they're a super versatile obstacle. One main problem comes with them being so simple however: everyone's obstacles are going to look the same.

Fed up of your parking curb looking like other people's in your videos? Flatface have you covered thanks to their new Klotz Block, which now come in multicoloured concrete! This seems to be a mix of two colours, and there are two variations shown - both a red/blue and a yellow/orange.
"if you're in the market for a curb you really cant go wrong with a Klotz Block"
Unfortunately it isn't made clear whether these are the only two options available or if you'll have a chance of lots of variations of colour, all that is stated is 'random mixed concrete colour'. If I had to guess, the fact that other multi coloured things Flatface have done in the past (premium Flatface decks for example) have had tons of colours available mean it's likely these could come in any colour.

This obviously doesn't reinvent the wheel, but if you're in the market for a curb you really cant go wrong with a Klotz Block. These coloured versions still being only 15 dollars is just another reason to grab one - endless fun can be had from one of these little obstacles. Get them before they go!

Go check Flatface here :)
Posted on 8th May 2016 at 21:56 by Kerry.
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