Setup of the Week #295
As a reminder to people who wonder how you can get your setup posted here for Setup of the Week - whilst there's no sure way as it's always my call between everything I see in the week, if you want to make sure your setup is seen the best way to submit it is to drop me an email. Check out the contact page for details. This beauty was emailed in to me earlier this week.

Adult Entertainment Deck
BRT Wides
Dynamic Boardrails
Flatface BRR Ed Wheels
"their games have have had a profound impact on my life, so it's awesome to see a fingerboard tribute"
I grew up playing Nintendo games, be it my trusty Gameboy Colour, playing GBA emulators and N64 emulators, my Gamecube, or my 3DS - their games have have had a profound impact on my life, so it's awesome to see a fingerboard tribute to them. This goes back to classic era, when games were a lot more than they are now a days (generally).

Even if you don't care about Nintendo (and given the Wii I could see why, aha...) it's hard to argue this isn't insanely clean, all the hardware is really on point and works really nicely together. The white wheels blend into the background, and the black boardrails stand out nicely along with the baseplates. Sick stuff!

Setup from Louis S, check him on instagram @lstaff_fb. The deck is from his company Adult Entertainment, you can check them through his instagram too :)
Posted on 8th May 2016 at 21:42 by Kerry.
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