Gnarshings Bushings Review
I've been using these bushings on and off for a fair while now, and whilst this review has taken longer than I'd like I'm glad I've had a lot of time to check them out. There are a lot of bushings out there these days, so how do these entrants to the bushing game shape up?

Shipping took usual amount of time, around a week from US to UK. I received these when I got back from a holiday I was on - so I don't know how much time it took exactly, but it was still very reasonable. All arrived nicely packaged too. 10/10

First impressions I really loved the details going into the packaging and presentation of them. They're really nicely fit into a small, cardboard package that looks very professional, and they have a cool graffiti style mascot to match. The bushings themselves looked really nicely made, and I couldn't see any imperfections. 10/10

Craftsmanship is hard to measure with bushings being as they're molded, but these have a solid uniform shape and look well made. I couldn't see any obvious marks or notches on the bushings either. 10/10
"In practice it makes very little difference and you're still left with a great bushing"
Performance of these bushings is very nice. I like a medium ride these days, and I was happy to find that these were more than capable of going to medium as well as having the option for super loose. I'd say they're a bit harder than Witchcraft bushings (the bushing that started this bushing hype years ago), but unless you're riding with one bushing per truck and your nuts glued on, I don't think you'll really notice a difference.

They turn really well and seem very responsive, however I did find that they don't seem to have AS much spring as some soft bushings I've tried. In practice it makes very little difference and you're still left with a great bushing, but I don't know whether them not wanting to come 100% back to centre like some bushings do will mean in the long run (i.e half a year or more) there could be issues with lifespan. 9/10

Overall whilst these aren't 100% perfect, they're very close, and a fantastic all round bushing. The fact that you can pick up a set for only 4 dollars just makes them an even nicer deal, at that price you really can't complain. I don't think they'll ever fully die on you, but these could wear out faster than others. That said, the rest of the positives in terms of performance more than make up for it.

Go check Gnarwood here :)
Posted on 5th May 2016 at 07:51 by Kerry.
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