Setup of the Week #294
Eugh. Time goes way too quickly when you're busy. Last time I had time to think it was this time last week, and poof like that, a whole week gone by with no posts. This is something that makes me sad, but a week of non stop work training and events is thankfully a rarity. What makes me not sad, is this rad setup.

Catfishbbq Deck
BRT Wides with Yellow Bases
Dynamic Boardrails
Flatface G4 Wheels
"contrasts like the bushings and stickers just add to how finished and realistic this looks"
Seriously, how damn nice is that? I love that boardrails are such a thing at the moment, the screwed in boardrails by companies like Dynamic look fantastic and give such a crazy realistic look to the deck. This is really helped here by the Flatface wheels - I believe they're the John Cowart material - which almost look like urethane with how they get dirty with use.

I really like the baseplate colours crossing into the the rest of the deck too, there's a lot of matching with both white and yellow across the deck here and it really comes together nicely. Little contrasts like the bushings and stickers just add to how finished and realistic this looks. In short, this is rad!

Setup from Eric B, go check him on instagram @_ericbfb :)
Posted on 2nd May 2016 at 19:28 by Kerry.
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