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Want to get in touch? Maybe you've something to add? Maybe you're annoyed at my constant bad jokes and want to make a petition to get me to shut up? Well, here's how.

Email - kerry@unitefingerboarding.com
Forums – PM 'KerryDETH' on Fingerboardhq or FFI
Youtube – www.youtube.com/rokinsht
Facebook – www.facebook.com/unitefingerboarding

Email is ALWAYS the best way to get in touch with me and I will reply to those as much as I can. Other methods will depend on how busy I am at work, because as much as I'd love to sit around and fingerboard all day I have a job that involves me doing things 40hrs a week. Fun things, but still, things. One rule however, if you message me asking me to watch your video I'll try check it out but don't expect a reply, I get soo many every day I gave up trying to reply to everyone years ago. Nothing personal! And if you do send a message, please dont 'typ lik dis al da tyme', because not only is it annoying but you might not be understood.

Specific things:
-Reviews I am always happy to review products from companies, if you have a company and would like me to review something get in touch and we can work something out! It helps make unite a better resource and gets your products a lot more coverage, so everyone wins basically. If you want to see what my reviews are like, check out the reviews link in the header.
-Support If you want to support unitefingerboarding, that's awesome! Specific collaborations and other larger projects obviously are things that you can contact me about, but if you just want to use the logo in your video/forum signature/etc, that's fine and don't feel you have to ask. Infact, thankyou! The logo is below.
-Sponsorship I never understood why not running a company means people would ask if I could sponsor them, because I'm not sure what I'd sponsor them with? But no, just to clarify, there is no unitefingerboarding team and there never will be. Sorry.

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