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So, you've stumbled across unitefingerboarding! Welcome. Wondering what all this is about? Well, read on.

Unitefingerboarding started in 2010. Run by myself, Kerry Williams, it's a fingerboarding news/media/information site that's updated daily. Based in the UK (hence the really bad pun in the name - expect a LOT more bad jokes here every day) it originally started as a small project to boost the UK scene, but things pretty much spiraled up from there and now it's one of the biggest fingerboard sites in the world. I wont bore you with numbers because that's not what matters, what matters is that unitefingerboarding will always be 100% fingerboarding.

It's crazy looking back to see how far things have come, this is unite's 4th rendition and sees the site turn more into a web magazine than something that's updated with quickfire updates throughout the day, every day. Expect daily updates still, but the scene has become saturated with lots of sites doing quickfire news and after realising how much I love writing and how much I dislike the impersonal social-media-like barrage of fingerboarding media in 2013, I decided to take a slightly different approach here. I also wanted to take a step back from doing everything after Fingersized closed in summer 2013, as trying to do news, a webshop, events, and run a forum all on your own is pretty impossible. With this, fingerboarding is no longer stressful, so I hope that'll be reflected in the content you'll find here.
"Whether you're new to unitefingerboarding or you've been here since the start, you're a part of fingerboarding"
That said, the most important thing here is the community around fingerboarding, you people who've supported unite since it's start have been amazing and really helped get it to where it is today. Whether you're new to unitefingerboarding or you've been here since the start, you're a part of fingerboarding, and you can spread a positive message through fingerboarding. It's the most amazing community you'll ever be a part of, so whether you want to spend your life being the best, or just pick up a board every once in a while for fun - you can find everything you need to do that here. Together, we can unite fingerboarding.
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